Nicola Joanne Carter

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The Edge Gallery, Lancaster : Nicola Joanne Carter




Following on from the success of showing my site-specific installation, Cell [2004] at my final year degree show at Peter Scott Gallery,I was offered the opportunity to exhibit some of my sculptural work in the window of The Edge Gallery, Lancaster for the month of December.

I chose to exhibit 3 spherical sculptures I had produced during my final year at Lancaster University. These sculptures were crafted entirely from extremely thin copper wire which was twisted and knitted by hand over several weeks. The work was very process-driven, the forms evolved organically and shifted and changed under their own weight when hung. The forms looked very captivating when lit from below, the copper wire glistened as it caught the light and the shadows cast had an ethereal romance. These works were entitled: Sartori, Samahdi, & Kalpamu.

I also exhibited a small sculptural piece called Dhyana. This piece was made using several sheets of glass which I etched by hand with abstract lines. The sheets of glass were then layered one on top of the other and held together in a small metal frame. The piece was intended to be free-standing with light flowing through to reveal the delicate natural colours of the glass and the etched lines.

Finally I also exhibited 2 small canvas prints, Bhakti & Jnana.


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