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L’Eden Theatre, LA CIOTAT, FRANCE: 27 SEPTEMBER 2013


A short video piece I made entitled ‘Container’ was selected to be screened in L’Eden Theatre, La Ciotat, France on 27 September 2013 as part of the exhibition,  Le TGV En 50 Secondes. You can watch the piece I exhibited above.

48 videos of international artists screened in La Ciotat for the event, “The Night of the Train at the Cinema”.

Here is an excerpt of writing about the screening from the organizers website, [CO.AR.CO] :


The movement causes the modernity. I write this curiously at the time when I gather my thoughts through writing. The cinema celebrates 118 years of existence but it is still young and, since barely established, it operates a masterly translation in its progeny: the video.
Considered wrongly as the first film shown in public, “The arrival of the train in the station of La Ciotat” is really the arrival of the train in the cinema. The Lumière Brothers have chosen a burgeoning technology to make a spectacular subject. The novelty of the theme is felt even in the behaviour of the involuntary actors – the rush of travellers or even their concern toward the huge machine are visible, without doubt, by these anonymous models. They are unaware that their gestures are awash in the movement.
CO.AR.CO., the association of Roberto Comini, brought to Marseille Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture, the film legend in La Ciotat with forty-eight authors of short films of fifty seconds on the same subject. The result is always surprising by its diversity, its fantasy, and the quality of its historic agenda and achievement.
The invention plays with constraint and yet clearly evokes the joy of trips that have much of the dream-like quality of train transport. The freedom and pleasure of the authors are here perceptible, and at no time does the inescapable view of scrolling landscapes engender monotony. The reason for this is due to meticulous editing. Nearly an hour of projection of these short films may seem disparate, but in each new sequence the viewer is left to discover the strangeness of a train which seems to roll toward the future on the ancient rails of the Lumière brothers.


The selected artists: 

Albert Bayona / Pierre Beloüin / Benna /Myriam Bornand / Chris Brandl / Nicola Carter / Alexine Chanel / Russell Chartier / Osvaldo Cibils / Jean-François Coadou / Roberto Comini / Hervé Constant / Claude Corbier / Irina Danilova / Daniel Djamo / Tristan Duhamel /Pierre-Jean Fontfrede / Jonathan Franco / Trini Gainza / Alina Gavrielatos / Dorka Gergely / Jörg Heieck / Danielle Helbig / Françoise Hennebert / Salvatore Insana / Piotr Kotlicki / Artem Kotsun / Jean Lefèvre / Itamar Luria / Made / Sandra Matamoros / Alice Minier / Pierre-Jean Moreau / Anne Orban / Cristina Pavesi / Juan Petry / Roger Remacle / Angelo Riviello / Jean-Michel Rolland / Wilfrid Rouff / Florent Schwartz / Silvana Sferza / Siberiana / Noemi Sjöberg / Succa / Elisabeth Truze / Sofi Urbani / Videostellen


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