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RED PLASTIC FACTORY : reconstructed clothing & acrylic charm jewellery

Before getting really interested in photography I spent five years designing and making ReConstructed Clothing and Laser-Cut Acrylic Charm Jewellery – I started my own brand, Red Plastic Factory, created and managed the eCommerce shop and online presence, and sold my products worldwide – those were busy times, but it was great fun!

As a sole trader and ‘Jill-of-all-trades’ I also did all of my own Product Photography, which I then optimised for display on webpages. Above you can see just a very small sample of my Product Designs and Photography.



I often took custom orders for REconstructed Clothing: customers would send me their oversize, baggy, ill-fitting t-shirts and I would chop them up and re-design them using my sewing machine into corset tops, dresses, cami tops, skirts…you name it!

You can see some of these designs being modelled by happy customers in the gallery above. And you can read a small selection of customer testimonials here.



I also designed and sold laser-cut Acrylic Charm Jewellery. You can see some of the designs which were sold via my eCommerce shop in a plethora of eye-popping colours in the gallery above.



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