Nicola Joanne Carter

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Untitled (After One Person Game Against Nature)




My above photographic work, Untitled (After One Person Game Against Nature) was selected for the AAA (Access All Areas) Open Exhibition: THINKING BEYOND.

Accrington Academy students worked with artists Jez Dolan, and Manchester city Art Gallery to curate and produce the first Accrington open contemporary art exhibition.

The exhibition aimed to showcase some of the best work from contemporary visual artists working in the North West. The exhibition was produced in collaboration with the arts development service of Lancashire County Council, and launched First Floor @ Accrington Library, a new arts and cultural space for Accrington.

The exhibition was curated by:

  • Andrea Brady – Head of Art, Accrington Academy
  • Paul Kelly – Senior Arts Development Officer, Lancashire County Council
  • Jez Dolan – artist and Creative Agent, Accrington Academy



My work explores limitations & boundaries, but also it talks about relationships & interconnectedness.

  • The limitations of the human body.
  • The imagined boundaries between our bodies and our immediate environment.
  • The increasingly intimate relationships we have with our digital devices which we employ to document our experiences in an attempt to communicate them to each other.
  • Our interconnectedness with each other, the networks and webs we build, both real and virtual.

My digital photograph entitled, Untitled (After One-Person Game Against Nature I) (2012) was created as my response to Michal Rovners series of photographs entitled, One-Person Game Against Nature I (1992). Rovner photographed a group of figures floating in the Red Sea, she then digitally manipulated the images such that the bodies would appear to hover in amorphous states. The series also takes as a conceptual conceit ideas from game theory, in which individuals engaged in a competitive situation determine an optimal strategy based on the assumed goals, actions, and reactions of the other participants. For Rovner, nature itself, or perhaps the human condition (?) is the challenger.

To produce my image I floated face down in the Mediterranean Sea. I took one lungful of air and held my body as still as possible, allowing it to move only with the motion of the waves. I remained floating like this for as long as my lungful of air would allow. This was my game; not to fight nature, but instead to attempt to become ‘one’ with the energy of the sea. The photographic image is taken from a series which attempts to record this experience visually. This digital still frame is the zenith point of the experience, captured just prior to my body forcing me to have to quit the game, forcefully exhale my breath, and return, spluttering, to the surface.

Title: Untitled (After One-Person Game Against Nature I) [2012]

Format & Mount: Digital C-type on Fuji Crystal Archive with gloss finish, mounted on 5mm foam board

Dimensions: 10 inches x 10 inches


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